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Printables vs Books: Which is right for your health journal?

04 Apr 2022 1:05 PM By Shopkeeper

Whether creating a health journal for yourself, a family member, or friend you care for, the first thing you want to figure out is where you want to organize important health information.

For many, building a health journal with a binder organized into different sections and printing pages as needed is the best solution. It allows flexibility to shape the journal for the individual. As time goes on our needs change and sometimes unexpected things happen, so you may need to add types of information to your journal that you didn't expect to need before.

For example, if you only take a few vitamins with breakfast every day then you probably don't need a medicine log or schedule. However, the day may come when due to unfortunate circumstances or a newly discovered healthy issue, you find yourself taking several supplements, prescription and OTC medications. All of a sudden the 1-page Medicine log comes in handy. 

Creating a binder and printing as you go will require some supplies to get started like a binder, hole punch, and maybe some section dividers or folders. This assumes you already have a printer, ink, and printer paper, which become recurring supplies you buy again later. Don't get me started on how long printers and ink last (especially when you don't print much).

A benefit of using printables with a binder is that you can create one binder for several family members and scale to more binders over time as you outgrow space. There are plenty of great reasons to combine a good binder with easy-to-read printables to keep track of your health journey. However, not everyone has or wants a printer and all the supplies that come with it.

For those people, buying a book (or a combination of books) that covers your health needs may make more sense. Have you ever tried teaching old folks how to use technology? Some get it, some don't. Or you may find that dealing with printers and punches is more than you can or want to handle depending on what else you are juggling in life.

The downside to books over time is that depending on how active your health journey is, you may run out of pages and need to get a new one to continue documenting.

Which is right for you? Well I'm not sure, but give either method a try, or both, to see which one works for you.

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